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Dear Friends, Guitaring Passionately has began its inaugural acoustic guitar making process in early 2017. Do stay tuned to the progress thru instagram and Facebook.

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I took this picture during my visit to David Schneider's workshop.
We are guitar players who love guitars. Repairing guitars is not all we like to do. We like to make your guitars better by providing at no added cost, 6 guitar enhancing treatments for your guitars. We call this service Guitar Enhancement Treatments (GET).
  1. Polish Fret Wires
  2. Apply Lemon Oil on Fingerboard
  3. Dehumidifying
  4. Tonerite or Prime Vibe Treatment
  5. Quick Set Up
  6. Clean up
Typically, for any parts change or major repair job, I will also include the following services to further augment the guitar entirely. In brief I will elaborate each GET job.

Fret polishing - the fret wire is constantly exposed to elements that tarnish its surface. Among the many are our fingers, providing grime, grease, sweat and more. The other inevitable one is oxygen, it causes oxide to form the the fret wires, leaving it a blurred surface appearance. Removing these impurities will give an attractive appearance and also a good silky feel when the player's finger make contact with the wire.


Lemon Oil - lemon oil is a form of drying oil. It possesses excellent properties in nourishing the fingerboard. It is likened to moisturizers we apply on our faces. Not common in equatorial but in temperate regions, if fingerboard is neglected, crack lines can form along the wood grain due to lack of moisture. Moreover, after applying lemon oil, the fingerboard looks brand new and beautiful.

Dehumidifying - in equatorial countries where the relative humidity soars above 65% on the average, guitars are likely to experience excessive "wetness". Wood is hygroscopic (a.k.a. absorbs water easily) by nature, it is almost impossible to prevent this phenomenon from taking its cause. In short, excessive water trapped in the guitar will diminish its responsiveness to resonate, also might loosen glue joints over time, none of it good. After proper dehumidifying, the guitar will respond better and usually it becomes comfortable to play. Your beloved guitar will be dehumidified by GP's invention, the KILN. The only portable guitar dehumidifier that dries your guitar by heat and convection. Read more about the KILN here.

Tonerite or primeVibe treatment - both are devices designed to provide guitars the appropriate frequencies in the form of vibrations. Tonerite has settings of high and low frequencies vibration and primeVibe provides vibration through playing music through the guitar. Both are device built to augment the tonal qualities of guitars. Customers will receive treatment by either device.

Quick Set-up for better playability - to install nut or saddle on a guitar without performing a set-up on the guitar is like changing car tires without air in them. Our quick set-up job herein is unlike those performed by factory, it can be customized to the players preferences and style. Customers can expect to detect noticeable augmentations with a set-up properly executed. Parts changes are not inclusive.

Clean up - nobody washes a rental car but everyone will wash their own cars, right? It is hard to imagine a customer giving compliments if his guitar is a dirt coated one after getting it back from a guitar repair tech. Not only the guitar gets clean up, the use of buffing agent is able to remove light scratches on the guitar thus giving the guitar a newer look.

Thanks for reading!

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