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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Funky Thumb Stuff

Shun Ng's debut album - Funky Thumb Stuff
The pictures presented in this posting are kind courtesy of Shun Ng's personal collection.

Shun Ng, a home brewed local talent has just released his debut album title "Funky Thumb Stuff". At 15 of age, he started playing as a guitarist in a band which played predominantly blues. Intuitively he knows in his mind the way songs should be interpreted. Not long after, he outgrew the band in musical needs. He has evolved a unique brand of music that fosters his solo identity solidly in the eyes, ears and minds of music lovers.

This debut album features his bass player. But Shun is not known to perform in a band setting. So who is the bassist? Find out from this exclusive interview article with Shun Ng regarding his music-learning journey and the debut album, brought to you by Guitaring Passionately.

The BLACKIE, Shun's Signature Guitar made by Jeffrey Yong

The Funky Thumb Stuff is available on the iTunes Store and can be ordered from Orders can also be made at Shun's website at:

Please support our local talent! It will be released late January 2012. Check out two music videos from the album! The title track Funky Thumb Stuff and also These Blues (Ain't Gonna Drive Me Away)

About Shun

1. When did you decide to become an artist?

Well, I started playing when I was 15, there wasn't a particular defining moment when I decide to become an artist. It just kind of gradually grew onto me.

2. Where did you train?

I never had formal training in guitar playing but I was mentored by one of Singapore's finest composers and Cultural Medallion winner, Dr. Kelly Tang. He taught me how to understand and apply music to anything. I also studied Music & Audio Technology in Singapore Polytechnic, where I studied music theory, arrangement, composition etc. However, when I play or sing, I don't really "think" about theory, but just "feel" the music.

3. How did your training influence you?

It has helped me in understanding what I was already doing when I compose and play.

4. Where did you get your ideas?

I really don't know. I never felt like music was something I slowly create but more of something I'm discovering from inside me.

5. What artist(s) inspired you?

I've been inspired by more music artists than guitar players. Some of my key influences are Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Earth, Wind & Fire & James Brown. A guitar player I really like is Stevie Ray Vaughan.

6. What helped to shape you?

In being an artist will be my mentor, Dr. Kelly Tang. In becoming better a person are definitely my parents and the Eagles community.

7. Do you feel anxious about becoming an artist?

I don't think an artist is something you become, but more of a way of life, whether we stop to appreciate the beauties in life. Its not something that you can run from or choose to be or not, its just something you are.

About Funky Thumb Stuff

1. Why is the debut album titled "Funky Thumb Stuff"?

Well, it was named after the title track in the album, a song I wrote to feature my bassist, my thumb.

2. For this album, where or what is the main source of inspiration?

This album is much a collection of my favorite songs that I've written in the past and I thought it was time to consolidate these ideas.

3. How long did it take to complete?

The studio recording took about 3 weeks. I would record the same track over and over and over again just to get that one great take. Given that I improvise all my stuff, I ended up with so many different interesting takes to choose from. With mixing and mastering it took another 2 months to complete this album, including photo shoots and album designing.

4. What might be the message you wish to send from this album or from any particular song?

I wrote a song called "Slam!" and that track is very special to me because it is about creating change. It is written from the perspective of a child who grew up in a brothel, born to a mother who is a prostitute and father one of the clients. I think it is really important that we are aware of all the injustices of the world especially in the area of prostitution, and we sometimes forget how privileged we are to live the lives we do. When others have so little and never complain. There is a line in the song that says, "the world is dying still we got no reason to change". The line is most representative of the message I wish to send through this song.

5. Which one is your favorite track? Why?

I really like "Creepy Crawlies". It’s about my fear for insects. But my favorite would be "Christabel" the last track of the album. It’s a true story about me trying to ask this girl out but always getting too nervous and failing constantly. I love playing the song firstly cause, it’s a technical challenge, but more importantly every time I perform, it feels like I'm transported back in time to that moment. That's what I love about writing, its capturing the intangible moments and emotions in life.

6. What would say to your fans about this album?

I wish to thank my supporters and those who enjoyed my style of music. I hope you enjoy this album and find that one song in it that makes you smile.

-end of interview-


Shun is indeed a unique artist with immense talent that will go places in future. I invited all music lovers to give him your support, regardless in tangible or intangible forms.


  1. Looks fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing. Do you know if the album is available here in States?

  2. Hi, Shun announced that the album will be available at iTunes at the end of Jan 2012. I hope you can find it there and support him by downloading the ones you like or the entire album!

  3. shun's album can be bought at :) cheers!

    And funky thumb stuff is now released by Extravagant Records