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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Carbon Guitars… the Emeralds have arrived

For those who are more curious than prudence, here is another chance for experimentation. Traditionally guitars are only made from wood. One might ask why. Perhaps the most logical answer is wood was available and abundant. Woodcraft must be well developed and recognized commercially in those days. The great number of furnitures that were made from wood has provided sufficient anecdotal evidence to indicate favor for wood over other materials. I suspect when we trace the history line of musical instruments, wood should have played a significant role.

Increasingly, alternate materials have been introduced in the world of guitars. In an earlier article (ArtMusicKitchen) the Emerald Guitars was feature. They are made in Ireland by a innovative and skillful young entrepreneur. They are finally in Singapore and Guitaring Passionately has been appointed as sale distributor as well as the after sales service agent. For more information of these guitars, check out Emerald guitars' website here:

Every piece comes with a carrying bag. In stock now at introductory prices until the next shipment arrives.
  • X5-OS (For detail specs, click here) - SGD $1160.00 (was SGD $1288.00) SOLD!
  • X7-OS (For detail specs, click here) - SGD $1340.00 (was SGD $1488.00)

Just email for an appointment to test drive these carbon fibre guitars. You know what, they don't need any climate control treatment, much less the need to turn truss rods! They are here to stay healthy for a long long time. Here are the pictures.

X5-OS Front
Comparison to a regular acoustic guitar

X5-OS Flat
X5-OS Back

X5-OS Top

More… a demo clip of the X7-OS,

X7-OS Front
Comparison to a regular acoustic guitar

X7-OS Flat
X7-OS Back

X7-OS Top
X7-OS Head

A client has requested to replaced the stock nut/saddle with FMI after he bought a X7-OS. The sonic properties of the guitar were enhanced greatly by the replacement. Here are some pictures of his X7-OS.

X7-OS with FMI Nut/Saddle


FMI saddle
End of article


  1. What's Emerald's neck profile like?

  2. They are made with thin necks. Very modern feel and comfortable. Welcome to try.