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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Post Singapore Guitar Show Features

Hi Everyone,

It has been a wonderful event. My gratitude to Terence and Jeremy for organizing it and I am sure most participants are yearning for another next year.

Indeed the knowledge of the consumers' towards quality guitars and accessories have been discerning and sensible. Unlike in the past, consumers are concern with the playability of guitars. Nowadays, they really know what to ask ... The number of enquires on the M--Si Pickups have been overwhelming. This exposure of the Mi-Si range was definitely a strong boost to its position in the market. Most people were amazed by the battery-free and 60 seconds to 8 hours playing time of the product. Nonetheless, thanks to those who have visited the Sozo table. You're great!

Well, what is a blog posting without pictures right? Here goes,

Guitars of Goodacoustics ...
Test Runing ...
Sozo Invent ...
The men behind Sozo Invent
They are the real deal ... Luthiers
Jeff Yong Guitars
Birds of a feather ...
Jeff and Shun, during a demo session
Shun grooving away, indeed a talented guitar player.
A satisfied customer with an Acoustic Duo fitted on his new Jack Spira Cocobolo

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