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Dear Friends, Guitaring Passionately has began its inaugural acoustic guitar making process in early 2017. Do stay tuned to the progress thru instagram and Facebook.

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Guitar Care Packages

Guitaring Passionately offers our comprehensive guitar care package to guitar lovers. For the busy executives, we can keep your beloved guitars in pristine health so that you enjoy every precious second of playing. For the dedicated musicians, you would rather spend more time in practicing and performing. Our service packages will off-load you from these routine tasks. For the regular hobbyists who care for your guitars, you will surely learn from engaging our package and you might someday be proficient enough to help others in the same area.

Comparison; polished and tarnished tuner button

In our guitar care package, we provide
  1. Nut and Saddle height adjustments
  2. Nut and Saddle crowning and buffing (except for plastic nuts and saddles)
  3. Fret wires polishing
  4. Dehumidifying
  5. Tone-rite or Prime Vibe treatment up to 12 hours
  6. Tightening of all fasteners
  7. Moisturizes fingerboard with lemon oil
  8. Intonation check
  9. Bridge pins leveling
  10. Bridge pin holes chamfering and reaming
  11. Overall clean up
  12. Checking of onboard electronics for any defects (it is not repairing)
  13. Cleaning of all electrical connection points and plugs
  14. Installation of new battery on acoustic/electric models
  15. Change of new strings (unless otherwise requested, our standard is Elixir Nanoweb PB 12/52)
All these for SGD $300.00 per package, valid for 16 months from date of purchase, maximum of 4 engagements.

The official Guitar Care Card

We understand that guitar issues are related to many variables, as such we are willing to listen to our customers' views and observations. By far we will honor the professional work stipulated above and undertake every step with maximum care and accuracy.

How to purchase the guitar care package? Here goes…
  1. Drop me an email at
  2. State your name, mailing address and contact number in the email
  3. Payment can be made through bank transfer (OCBC or DBS)
  4. Upon payment, an e-invoice will be sent via email
  5. Within a week, an official Guitar Care Card will be mailed
  6. Bring the card for every service appointment
Terms and Conditions
  • Guitaring Passionately Pte Ltd reserves the right to terminate any committed Guitar Care Package on reasonable grounds by providing refund.
  • All services listed may not be executed within one servicing appointment.
  • Repairing and storing work beyond the Guitar Care Package are chargeable.
  • Replacement of guitar peripherals are chargeable.
  • For loss of Guitar Care Card, it is the onus of the owner to inform Guitaring Passionately.
  • A $10.00 replacement fee will be charged for every lost Guitar Care Card.
  • The Guitar Card Card is not transferrable from instrument to instrument.
  • The value of the Guitar Care Card is not useable for purchasing of other services or products of Guitaring Passionately Pte Ltd.
  • Un-utilized engagement(s) after end 16th month will lapse.
  • Engagement interval should not be less than 60 days.
  • Guitaring Passionately Pte Ltd reserves the right to alter the above terms and conditions without any prior notice.
- end -
Guitaring Passionately's Services

Hardly any acoustic guitar can exhaust its life span without going through some forms of repair, restore or augmentation works. Wear and tears, oxidation, moisture attacks, sodium chloride corrosion, etc. are unavoidable causes for acoustic guitars to degenerate and repair or restore can decelerate this aging process. At least that is the extrinsic part. Another interesting perspective is; your awareness of quality increases gradually, your expectations on your acoustic guitar change, thus you will be driven to take actions to meet the new preferential expectations, a.k.a. augmentation. That will be the intrinsic part. Augmenting certain guitar parts to materials of superior quality than the original is common nowadays. While changing better parts change the tone of the guitars, certain parts changes serve to augment the aesthetic value only. Regardless the upgrades are for tone or aesthetic, both aspects are equally important for guitars. As like when we dine at a fabulous steak house, does our steak look good or taste good? Remember, make no apology when you have the desire to upgrade your guitars, just do it!

This is what I do in brief,
  1. Install nut and saddle of various material
  2. Install pick ups
  3. Sales of nut and saddle blanks
  4. Sales of bridge pins of various materials
  5. Sales of acoustic guitar strings of various brands and gauges 
  6. Setting up of guitar to augment playability
  7. A suite of guitar restoring services like polish fret wires, buffing, nourishes the fingerboard with lemon oil, etc.
  8. Tone augmentation by the use of Tonerite or Primevibe
  9. Trouble shoot common issues like loose bridge, cracked headstock, fret wear, etc
Look out for new items for sale from time to time!

Some pictures and information to share…

Unbleached Bone Saddle
FMI Saddle
Unbleached Bone Nut
Another Unbleached Bone Nut
Rare FMI saddle, with purple streaks
Unbleached Bone Nut & Saddle

All the above FMI or Bone nut/saddles are handcrafted to fit each guitar.

Below pictures showed various Bone Bridge Pins for sale. Can deal through Singpost and funds transfer via local banks like OCBC and DBS.

For parts pricesclick here

All ebony bridge pins are SGD $25.00 per set (3º shank)

Ebony, Abalone Dotted
Ebony, Abalone Cap, Brass Ring

The 4 types of Bone Bridge Pins are going at SGD $40.00 per set (3º shank)

Bone, Abalone Cap, Brass Ring
Bone, Abalone Dotted
Bone, Natural Color
Bone, Abalone Dotted, Brass Ring

Latest Unbleached Bone Bridge Pins, 5º shank, imported from U.S.A. See below pictures.

Plain (SGD $50.00)
Black Pearl Dotted (SGD $50.00) 
Abalone Dotted (SGD $50.00)
Turquoise Dotted (SGD $50.00)
Box Wood Bridge Pins (SGD $25.00)

Bone blanks, nuts and saddles. See picture below for more details.

Standard Bone Nut & Saddle
Nut - 43x9x6mm
Saddle - 72x9x3mm
Unbleached Bone Blanks
Nut - 45x9x5mm
Saddle - 80x12x3mm
Handcrafted Bone
Nut & Saddle
Handcrafted Bone
Nut & Saddle
Bone Saddle
Jade Looks
Bone Saddle
Jade Looks
Badly Slotted Saddle
Replacing with bone saddle

Below are some Fossilized Mammoth Ivory (FMI) nut and saddle blanks. They can be pre-cut to required sizes upon request. Take note, for any nut or saddle to fit perfectly, the final trims and cuts must be done with the presence of the guitar, it will not work with merely pre-cutting the blanks to the specified dimensions.

FMI Blanks
FMI Saddle
FMI Saddle
Buffalo Horn Saddle
Buffalo Horn Saddle

Email for any query related to guitars.